Mini Renovation of an Enclosed Porch

mini porch makeover 2For this mini makeover we found a porch that was in need of attention. This space was turned into a bit of dumping ground for the homeowner’s two young boys. It was filled with their toys, their sports equipment, it was kind of neglected. But the homeowner really wanted to reclaim the space for herself. The show of the room really needed an update, it was dark for a sun room, very dark dated, the color needed an update.

We’ve chose three beauty tone colors for this room. We have silver birches on the back wall, we have porcelain as a perfect crisp white for the rest of the room and for the trim on the windows we’ve chose a semi-gloss black called Opening Night. Painting up this floor had a big impact in this space. We’ve chose a floor and porch paint in a high gloss which created the perfect white canvas.

mini porch makeover 4Now, I know what you’re thinking, this is a high traffic porch and white floors might not be the best idea, but this paint is very durable and the high gloss makes it very easy to clean. We separated the space into two zones. The first one is a mudroom and required a bit of storage, so we brought in two vary inexpensive benches from Home Hardware where the kids can sit, take off their boots and store some of their toys.

These benches come with the backing, but we decided to keep it off to see the brick. The second zone is all about mom, so we brought in an outdoor love seat and chair from Home Hardware, which offers that kind of cottage vibe that the homeowner really wanted. Bringing patio furniture into a room like this that receives s much direct sun light is a good idea because you won’t be dealing with any of the upholstery fading and it really withstand those changes in temperature.

To give it more of a living room look, we changed out the back cushions and put on our own. The homeowner loves yellow and have painted this stool, which kind of gave us a jumping off point for all the accessories we brought into this room. To me is not just a sun room without some greenery. So we brought in two very large plants that really finished the room. I think this makeover is really successful and we’ve officially reclaim the space and actually we are not leaving.